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Hi everyone!

Thanks for the great library - I was able to learn 6 switches different codes.
The worst thing is that they have same code for 'on/off' and I don't have remote...

Is there any option to switch individual switches off with different code?
And what's the code to send for "ALL OFF" button using the library?
Maybe I'll just force every switch to off...




It is really easy to control Livolo switches with Arduino. That is what Livolo library is for. Download it here:

In case you download it as separate files, put them all into Livolo folder inside your Arduino\libraries folder.

Connect transmitter (this should be OOK/ASK 433 Mhz transmitter) DATA to pin 8, VCC to +5V and GND to GND. Don't forget to connect proper antenna (173 or, maybe, 164 mm) of single or multicore wire.

Then use test sketch blink.ino (it is in examples folder of Livolo library folder) for testing. Be sure to put your switch into learning mode shortly after uploading sketch. In case you've done it right, Livolo switch will turn on and off every 3 seconds.

You can find keycodes to emulate other buttons in readme.txe, that is also in Livolo library folder. And, of course, you can use any free digital pin to connect your transmitter.


Thanks Spch.
In the coming days I will try following your valuable instructions and I'll let you know. For now, thanks for your patience and availability.


Hi Platenspeller.

Hi I wanted to ask an information on the connection with raspberry. I livolo plates and I wanted to on and off directly from raspberry and I seem to have figured out that you have succeeded. I have a few questions. That type of form tx did you use and how did you connect? For the code I am referring to the link github? Excuse the banality of the questions but it is just that I approached this world and would like to learn, hope I'm not bothering you too much and confided in a courteous response. :)


Hi Spch.
Thanks, there are successful and it works great!
A question, you can create a web interface for the control of various lights like Maarten that features with arduino?

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