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Hi everyone.

I want to build an ArduinoMega 2650 clone (with small changes). The problem I am facing is with the files I have just downloaded for eagle. It gives an error:


It gives some warning as well.

Checking DRC rules give also 2000 or so errors. "Clearance", "Dimension", etc.

I downloaded the manufacturer DRC rules and give same errors (734 instead 2000).
Clearance, Stop Mask, Width.

Can anybody give me a clue how to fix it?



A lot of those can be ignored, such as VCC pins being connected to 5V. That's what you want.
A lot of those can be ignored, such as the Stop Mask errors. If your markings are where you want them and parts are not overlapping, these are not an issue.
Some of these need correcting for the board to me manufactured correctly.
Clearance errors - generally traces are too close.
Width violations - may or not be a problem. If traces are 6mil wide and your board house can only do 8 or 10mil, that would be an issue. Look at Edit:Net Classes, see what sizes are specified. If ppwer traces are set at 24mil for example, not all traces on board may have used that - often the trace will be narrowed right where it connects to a pad on a chip, and 24mil won't fit.  You have to review each one and either approve it, or change it, or ignore it.
Overlap errors - these you need to review. Overlapping signals is bad. Sometimes traces connecting to a pad may have some zigs and zags on the pad these can be approved.

The POWER error you listed, that comes from how the pins on that symbol are defined. Electrical connection-wise, it is not an error.
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