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I've taken a look at that previously. It seems to only be able to create 2 virtual COM ports, and connect those together. I would need something that creates 1 virtual COM port, and maps it to the physical COM port for the Arduino.

Louis Davis


i had the same problem of "sync" with my MAC, but my solution was to use VMWare (fusion in my case) and install Windows XP. from there I had no problem.



Could this be hardware related? My work desktop and my home laptop are more recent machines than the ones this works on. Perhaps the newer USB ports are messing with the USB interface on the control board? Would there be any way to slow down a USB port on a computer? Make it like USB 2.0 instead of 3.0? Just a thought...


I am using one on a USB3 port now, so if there is a way I dont know how much it would help

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