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Hi all,

after reading some articles on how to connect mouse to Arduino (for ex: http://blog.jgc.org/2012/09/conversion-of-cheap-optical-mouse-to.html) I'm trying to do the same.

My mouse was a little bit different from one shown on the web page I posted. It use a PAN101BOI chip and use quadrature encoding to read to detect mouse move.

Any way I was lucky: my mouse has the same circuit schema reported on 8.2 section (left side) of the data sheet I attached to this post.

First of all I try the mouse with a PC: it works. Second I try to recognize every component on the board. After that I start cutting wiring between PAN101BOI chip and the second chip use for USB codification (basically connection to pin 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the schema on data sheet. The cut was done after the resistor in order to keep their working on actual schema, see attached image).

After that I soldered two wire to pin 12 and 14 of PAN101BOI chip (XA and XB) and wired to an Arduino Ethernet board in following way:
- 5V of Arduino connected to pin 1 of usb connector;
- GND of Arduino connected to pin 4 of usb connector;
- digital pin 3 of Arduino wired to pin 12 of PAN101BOI;
- digital pin 2 of Arduino wired to pin 14 of PAN101BOI.

I powered the Arduino board from USB: with my surprise the mouse led start lighting as usual!

I create a real dummy sketch to test it:

Code: [Select]
void setup()
attachInterrupt(0, blink, CHANGE);

void loop()

void blink()

Upload on Arduino and start serial monitor... nothing happens!

Do you have same idea on why it is not working?

Thanks a lot


I was not able to make it works.

A the end I found another mouse using ADNS-2051 and connect to Arduino: it is working!



No wonder. Those XA & XB pins on the PAN101BOI are NOT PS/2 communication, so it would never work.

// Per.

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