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If your system can be hooked up to a Pc, i think that would be the easiest way to do tha datalogging, sine the Arduin board only has  1KB RAM to hold data. That would hardly be enough for 288 * 10 readings.

There was a post in one of the other threads the other day about realtime datalogging to Excel by help of a smal 20$ shareware program that would read data from the serial port and deliver it to Excel. That might be interesting for you.


Yes ,the Arduino will be connected to a PC...for a start at least. I would like a stand alone application but for now Im satisfied with PC connection (and pass it through the internet to my personal computer...). "Realtime datalogging" CHECK! I will search for it!



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/* Hi again!

Things evolve in rapid pace;

I found this:ftp://http://www.tigoe.net/pcomp/code/category/code/processing/122#more-122

time for;

Setup() Project Spectrophotometer1...

The Processing code should work fine for my project. and I will save the file as "growthcurves.csv" so I can import it directly into Excel.

I will soon show picures of the hardware...

Stay tuned...

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