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How does one connect the Lilypad to a shield that the Uno would use. I.E. I would like to sew some EL Wire into a costume and use the lilypad to  program the wire to work a certain way. I can get an El Escudo shield to go on an uno - but it has pins. how does the Lilypad interact with this? Can it be used at all on a wearble?

I watched the Living Wall from MIT with Dr. Leah on it. I love how the motors and lights interacted with conductive paint. I'd like to add cool things like motors to drive wings to costumes, but how do I do that? There are tons of tutorials regrading Lilypad and lights, but surely more can be done with this powerful tool.

Is there help out there I can go to? Videos? Instructables? other Forums?


The LilyPad is merely another Arduino in a different form.  It's the same 328p Atmel that an Uno uses, with an almost identical pin-out.  While a shield designed for an Uno won't fit over a LilyPad, you can still wire it up the same.

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