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I searched for this , but I didn't find a topic, so I guess I'll start one...

What is the cheapest untrasonic range finder? As in like the ping... But cheaper. I found the Seeedstudio one for $15. I am wondering if there is a cheaper one, but I doubt it...



I got some of those sharp sensors, just short range (~15cm) and they got a "design flaw" you need to think about if you chose them. They got problems detecting black things. I am using them on my wifitank, and it had problems seeing black things, and allowed the children (must be under aged people who enjoy destroying other peoples things) to drive it into things.

White, gray, blue, and so on, surfaces was no problem, but black ones never was detected. A ping sensor would see them, no matter what color they are.
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Well, I am detecting people... So basically anyone wearing a black t-shirt wound be out... So I'll keep those in mind for other stuff, but for this, it's out...


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wait what? ultrasound has problems with color?

oh I see thats not sonic, its light, well thats on topic

thought about making your own? its a 6$ per pair part with some simple electronics

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