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I'm attempting to install an installation relating to the classic argument of which is better: PC or Console gaming. I wanted to install 2 separate buttons repping both sides, and have them connected to a lock box and a digital numeric display. I then want people to come up and basically see who reaches the number first, thus unlocking the lock box.

Would anyone have any suggestion on where I could even begin to start this or alternative suggestions? I have no experience with Arduinos.


So the 2 "players" just hang out & pound  the buttons until one hits the magic number?
Why  do you need a PC or Console for that?
Arduino with 2 buttons and SPI connection to MAX7219 to drive the 8 digits is all you need, with output to the lockbox.
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There must be more to this. I fail to see the point or relevance to argument at all. Is this simply a voting booth?


I don't need a PC or console for it. And yes, the concept is to see which side (PC or Consoles) is more dedicated towards their preference.

Could you be a little more detailed and explain in a way I'd understand as someone who has no experience? Maybe a list of what I'd need to buy?

@CrossRoads: It's more of an art installation piece to express the dedication of both sides and who thinks who is better. People argue about which is better all the time over the Internet, I wanted to see how they'd react in a public environment and get them involved.

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