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Had been using serial monitor as input to control my robot but due to slow speeds i need to upgrade.  Tried to set up direct IO but have been running into problems. Because of this i have dumbed down the system to see if i can get it working, right now i am trying to turn on a LED on one xbee when a pin goes to high on a remote xbee.   Both Xbees are XB24-ZB. The remote is set to ROUTER AT and the receiving is set to COORDINATOR AT.

End goal is to have an Xbee and joystick directly communicating to an arduino and xbee to control a robot with tank steering.

Looking at this as my guideline: http://nootropicdesign.com/projectlab/2012/02/18/xbee-robotics-platform/
This link is using the router and coordinator in api mode

Are there any good tutorials anyone knows of?



Are there any good tutorials anyone knows of?

Rob Falusi's book, which I've already recommended. What problems are you having?


General communication with I/O pins...been working on this for a while with no outcomes yet haha:

Ensured that xbees are still communicating by connecting the din and dout on of of the xbee and sending packets through the x-ctu terminal. wireless communications between the router AT (standalone) and coordinator AT (connected to arduino) are good. Want to ultimately send joystick input from the router to the coordinator but I'm going to get an led to blink off a button before heading down that path.

I have D0 on the router set to Digital Input to gather the signal from the button, i have limited this to 1.1V to not fry the pin. I am not sure what setting D0 on the receiving coordinator should be; my options are disabled, commissioning button, adc, digital input, digital output high, digital output low.  I would have expected for digital output high/low to work but it just sets the output led to high or low depending on what option is selected.


also I reset all parameters on the xbees and only changed the modes they operate in (coordinator at/router at), pan ID, the digital I/0 pin setting for D1 on both, and DH/DL respectively for the two xbees


I have D0 on the router set to Digital Input to gather the signal from the button, i have limited this to 1.1V to not fry the pin.

What value do you think is needed to see a 3.3V pin as HIGH, vs. LOW? On the Arduino, it's 0.6 times the board voltage. I'd be surprised if the XBee used a significantly lower threshold.

In other words, your input is probably never considered HIGH.


I was looking into this and stepped it up to 3.3V to trigger the high. no luck

My pin setup on the boards:

transmitting xbee: D1 set to dIgital input
receiving xbee: D1 set to ?

I have tried digital output high and digital output low but it seems to just set the pin on the receiving xbee to high/low respectively and does not toggle.  Does the output xbee pin setting have to be set as what you want it to be as default? Maybe i don't understand how the direct i/o pins work.

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