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Hi dudes,

I recently got my hands on one of the UTFT supported LCD Displays,
the Display itself is working pretty well, but I have one mayor problem:

Can I haz more I/O plz? D:

The Display is eating up exactly every possible pin on my UNO but the display for itself
isnt quite usefull.

There is one option that I think how it would work:

Is it possible to acces the controlling pins (as I hope they are not as timing critical as the data pins)
via an shift register to free up some pins?

Greetings from Germany


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What display it is ?
How is it connected ?
What are you trying to display ?
Pure text ?
Graphics ?
Or both ?
How many more pins do you need ?

I would say go for a larger Arduino, but you'd have to give some more info.
Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
Je kunt hier ook in het Nederlands terecht: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html

oh, sorry, my fault.

It is an

3,2" "Model HY32D"
320x240 pixel
SSD1289 controller
with 16bit parallel interface

Its connected with
RST; CS; WR; RS to analog in 2 to 5
Data 0 to 15 at the Digital pins 0 to 13 and analog in 0 and 1

Actually I am displaying the demo of the UTFT library, which uses
text and graphics as I would like to use too later



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-_-   Short Circuit is my favorite movie, and he says "Malfunction, need input."

Wow, I just sounded like a nerd.
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Have you used up all your analog input pins? They can also be used as digital input or output pins.



You can supply the Data pins via shift register - might require a libary change to use say SPI pins D10-11-13 to load the shift register (2 of them daisy chained) before the control lines are manipulated.
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Im a bit afraight of the timing, but I will take a look into the
library for using shift register, thankfully I have some shift registers lying

I'll keep you updated whats happened then :)

thanks for the infos.


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