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Check out my first completed project, the Arduino Spede! It's a speed/reaction time tester resembling the device that was seen in the famous Finnish TV show Speden Spelit back in the 90s. Surely everybody must know what I'm talking about, right? XD

- Gradually increasing level of difficulty
- 4 digit 7-segment score display
- Hand made circuit boards
- Highscore stored in EEPROM
- Tested on kindergarden children and they love it!
- Hardcore mode: play with your eyes shut and listen carefully to notes being played!
- Code is open source and uses the MIT license

Please visit my blog Peten Paja for videos, schematics, source code and description how it works.

Comments are welcome! :)




Excellent idea, the Simon of the next generation...

I was waiting for it to explode at the end :P

PS: Is it possible, not only to show the final score at the end, but also save and track an average of your reaction time? After each light has turned on, how many millis you take to press each button, and at the end, show the average ;) You have 4 7 segments, you can display something like


Hope you like the idea, and why not save in the EEPROM the Best Score and Average


Thank you! :)

Tracking the average reaction time is an excellent idea! It should be quite easy to add it. I've already got an order to make one device as a Christmas present for my friend's family with three kids. I'll probably revisit the code then and add this feature for v2.0.


one question I forgot, you lost only when you miss, or if you don't react quick you also can lost?


Np :) Yes, you lose if you press the wrong button or react too slowly.

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