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hi everyone, I'm from Indonesia, I want to make a lamp controller with android via bluetooth, and I have not really familiar with any code required. mine beginner and very common

It's really a blessing when one wants to answer, I was dizzy with it.  =(

Thank you in advance, regards Technician



Java can NOT be taught in one day, and no one here, other than the people in Gigs and Collaborations will just give a fully working code. Do you have ANY Java knowledge? How about C/C++? These are things you have to look into yourself first, write a code and then come to us and ask questions.
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and programming whatever is needed to start all of this, please guidance , I am confused on who asks


You will have to do your own research but I'll point you toward a direction.

Have a lamp connected to a relay that switches the lamp on or off. Have the relay connected to an arduino. The arduino will send on or off signal from one of its digital output pins. Have the Arduino communicate with an android. There are several communication options via ethernet, wifi or like you want, bluetooth. You will need extra components attached to the Arduino based on what communication type you want. On the android, have an app or through the browser, have it communicate with the Arduino. I would go with ethernet, it's easier since you don't have to build an app, just go through the browser.

As you can see, that is a lot of work that only you can do.

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