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I'm building a LED matrix projected based on the HT1632. I've been experimenting with the Sure 2416 board & I've got my basic SW working. Now I'm going to lay-out my own matrix board. My only problem is that I can't get hold of samples of the HT1632. I've mailed Holtek & Sure to try and order 10 pieces but got no replies. The HOltek site claims that you can buy direct from them, but only in US. I'm based in Finland ...

Does anyone know of a European distributor for these parts???


Jon C

I looked at ordering from Holteck from the US.  The price per piece is great - a couple dollars.  No minimum order.  But the handling and shipping fees were a few hundred dollars!  Not unreasonable if you want to order hundreds, but not practical to order any small quantity.


I have ordered from their website two times and ordered about 10 or 12 each time and I believe it was about $50 to $60 or so total including shipping and handling charges. Shipping did seem high because the $4.50 or so HT1632C chips had $10 handling + $10 shipping. So $45 for 10 chips has $20 in shipping and handling.

The chips are packed in a plastic case for protection.

Technical question support has been good but slow. I think the chip came from california.

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