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None of those work. I will go insane.
Tried 2 different Libraries (lcd4Bit and Liquid Crystal, bot the original and the modfied one) with three 3 different LCD's, all 2x16 but different brands and all I can see is the boxes, not a single character.


Try tieing your R/W pin to ground

Christian Meichtry

Well, my first post here, hello everybody.

I managed to have mine work by simply sending lcd.clear() before printing to it.

I read somewhere to tie V0 (Contrast) to GND, this did not work in my case, i had to wire a potentiometer in so I could read anything


I had a similar problem of it not working at all. My problem was that I hadn't changed the LCD4Bit lcd = LCD4Bit(2); to 2 to reflect the fact I had 2 lines! At first I was working under assumption that changing that was optional. Turns out no.

Hope this helps.


I had my LCD display working fine with Arduino Diecimila, in a protoboard.

Now I connected it better, soldering to a shield.

Looks better, but it is not working. Unfortunately, I do not have backup of connections.

Please, when tikifare and others solve the problem, publish a "definitive" connections diagram here, to share.

It is impossible for me continue with my project if I cannot see results!

It is easy to understand tikifare feeling mad with this!

The 1602K LCD screen has a good tech note, but doesn´t work if there is no "official" wiring schem to Arduino.


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