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Hi, I need help with using the example code for twitter. The example works perfectly but I want to change it to fit my project better, I want to have the arduino read the tweet and respond according to my guidelines. I'm having a very hard time, mostly because I've never programmed before and I'm self-taught as many of the people on this forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Help modifying what code? To do what?


I think you need to read about posting on the forum, and start with the beginners projects and get use to using the Arduino first. When your having a problem with your code you have to insert your sketch  into your post so we can see whats going on we can't read your mind..  Above you will see a button with this symbol on it "#" put you code between the labels "
Code: [Select]
  your code here ".

I use the Twitter library and made a copy function to build my character array to pass as a parameter post.

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