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I have a Mega 2560 + ethernet shield installed at a remote location running as a web server to monitor the temperature and so I can control the heating at the remote house from my home via internet.
This works fine but I can't do any development work remotely so I'm looking for a solution to access the USB connection the arduino via internet to upload sketches and debug.

Is there any way to do this so that I can run the IDE on my PC at home, upload sketches to the remote arduino and debug via the IDE console?

I've been looking at equipment such as USB network hubs but I'm not sure how this could be used. The local PC running the IDE would need to see the remote com port.

The only other approach would be a remote PC and remote desktop but that's overkill and not feasible in my case.


You could program your Arduino wirelessly using the the Xbee. They come in different configurations, ranges and price.

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Wireless is not an issue because the ethernet hub is close by. The question is how to access the arduino via the ide remotely. I prefer to avoid using the ethernet shield which is already handling the web server 


Do you know that Arduino TFTP bootloader?


The only drawback: you cannot use the IDE directly, although, at least on a *nix-like OS like Linux or Mac OS X, you can use a script instead of avrdude to do that.


Conditionally, yes. I can. I use a RB433UAH router with a Mega2560/ethernet shield. The ethernet shield connects to one of the ethernet ports, and the Mega usb connects to one of the two usb ports on the router.
The MikroTik O.S. allows you to log in to the router using ssh with a special user/password, and connect to the usb port like a telnet connection. It also provides good clean power over the usb port, so that eliminates another headache. You can power the router with a 12v solar/battery setup for really remote locations.

It isn't easy, and it isn't cheap.

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