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I want to use an Arduino in a product to help the severely disabled.

To allow me to provide software updates does anyone know if there is a way for me to provide a binary file that can be used to simply programme the Arduino using a programming tool (what?) but not the IDE. 

I wish to do this so I do not need to train non technical users how to use the IDE and to protect my coding as it may be a viable commercial product one day.  (well its a dream :-)

Any help gratefully received, thanks in advance.




I hope there would be no need to go commercial in order to help disabled people.

If I understand correctly you're looking for a utility to load compiled code directly to the micro-controller, this might be what you're looking for



If you don't want to start a GUI every time you want to upload code, you should just call avrdude directly. I believe you can just download the executable and run it with the appropriate options, which you can find by running an upload job in the IDE with verbose mode enabled.


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I use this one http://www.arduinodev.com/arduino-uploader/ And Enreid's 1.03 version of the IDE. I use the IDE to copy my finished hex files to a directory where I burn them to chip with a TTL RS-232/USB adapter as I need them.. blink comes to mind as a test file, most useful in hex format and ready to load and go, I like it. Great for 'bare' chips, Pro-Mini's...

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