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It's not even arrived yet.

But to all of those who have bought one and own one, realistically what area's should I be looking at playing with which the Arduino Uno simply can't do.....  (eg play back decent quality music, like the uno supposedly can)


serious DSP,
addressing large memories,
making sense of the interrupt and DMA system,
libraries for DAC and ADC,
robotics  (with lots of sin(), tan() and cos() etc..),

and everything employing a USB connection

but first: RTFM, it's big...


It also has the memory and speed to drive graphics displays as well as being able to do a bit of image processing.


I got it today, so far i stuck to wave files onto an SD card and threw it into the wiznet shield which sat on top of the due.

Works well, but I see why it quickly blows out the DAC....

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