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You had better put a resistor between the PWM pin and the input of the fan control as there is nothing to limit the current in the base of the transistor. It will still work for a while but you are drawing too much current from the arduino's output pin. A 1K resistor would be fine.

I'll do that, thank you for the advice.


Hi sorry for hijacking this thread, I am trying to do the same thing as bestform except all i want to do is turn the fan on or off.

What i have done so far is to connect the fan directly to the arduino and turn it on and off by setting the output of pin of my choice to either HIGH or LOW.

The problem I am having is that the fan spins extremely slow , this I understand is because it requires 20V of power. But before i connect it to a 20V power source (in this case my PC, its a PC fan) I want to know if there is anything i need to take into consideration so that i dont blow the arduino or even worse the PC.

Any help would really be apprciacted , please keep in mind i am really new to this.





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