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Caliber Mengsk

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I searched Sparkfun for LCD looking to buy a cheap lcd for when my arduino gets here, and found something that didn't show up in my searches before. It's a 12-bit color (4,096 color) LCD that normally is a replacement for a Nokia cell phone. It includes a serial interface, so the arduino should be able to interface with it.

Best part is, it's only 14.95 plus shipping. It's also 128x128 resolution.

Bad part, it comes with 1 of 2 possible serial chips and doesn't have  a good interface for attaching and reattaching connections. Maybe put some headers on it? Also, it's a 9-bit serial interface. Does that matter on arduino?

Anyway, What do you guys think of about it, and is it a new product or was I just not seeing it before?

Here is the link: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=569


You'll be a lot happier in the long run if you spend a little more:


The connector on the screen alone is small. Real small. Really, really small.

Soldering wires to it is going to be a challenge.
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yea that's been on there for a little while now, guess my hangup with it has been even in monochrome (8 pixels per byte) to do 128x128 requires 2048 bytes of ram (which I guess is not a big deal since it has everything on board)


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While this LCD doesn't have buttons, it's the same LCD, but it's 3.3v AND 5v logic capable. With the other boards, they're only 3.3v capable I believe, which just means you'll need a logic converter, or resistors. (And it's about $10 more after shipping)


It's a very sturdy board as well, but you'd kind of expect that for paying $45.

You can get a Serial (not SPI Serial, but UART) OLED for $50 that includes a slot for a micro-sd card. (also a little bit smaller) Personally, I wish I would've bought the OLED board, but I don't recall seeing it when I was looking.

(These are *MUCH* easier to use than the SPI LCDs, and take less pins, and they have the built in ability to read images off the micro-sd card and draw them, you can draw on top of the image.)

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