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thankyou sir,
also i have implemented a circuit in  ltspice and i have attached the same below. I wanted to know if it is possible to synthesise it on arduino.


  simple answer - no

complex answer -
you write a program & run it on a processor
could you "adc", take the root, "dac" it out  ..yes..

will it work like the circuit ... not likely
will it be a synthisised version of a spice deck .. no


ok thankyou
I wanted to know how to use phyton script to communicate with arduino....any relavant link for information would be helpfull.......



That programming language is called Python.

Did you realize that ralphnev told you your project is not feasible?


yes sir it is not feasible. but in my project i need to devise a circuit whose output is proportional to  square root of the input signal. can that be done through programming?
pardon if the question is vague......


i tried installing the tool..but there is no setup file in the unzipped folder. is this tool freely installable or doesit cost?


i tried installing the tool

Which tool? PySerial is not a tool, it's a Python extension. I thought you know Python. Don't you?

but in my project i need to devise a circuit whose output is proportional to  square root of the input signal

I guess by signal you mean an analog signal. Without external hardware you cannot do that with an Arduino UNO, maybe with a Due.

You don't provide information about your device. What frequencies does it have to support? What's the voltage range of that signal?


i am not familiar with phyton sir, i happened to see it in one of the blogs and there was a provision to see waveforms and all and i thought that would be better and tried to use it.

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