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I wonder what she will do when people don't pay the sun taxes. Turn off the light?  :P


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Well, how about she's allowed to collect a fee for sun usage.. but only

AFTER SHE PAYS 4.5 BILLION YEARS of back property taxes.  

Since she's using it for income, we have to assume it is commercially zoned; alternatively she can pay at a residential rate, assuming she makes it her primary residence and mailing address.

I say we repo the sucker right now, before this deadbeat lets the property fall into disrepair... it makes the whole neighborhood look bad. ¬†Imagine if the neighbors saw.. keeping up with the Jonses is bad enough, you think she's going to keep the place nice so we don't look like slobs?  SHE is the reason we never get invited to those block parties like the Greys and the Zeta Reticulans, you know.
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


Lol  ;D well i will claim tha universe as mine and they are illegally claiming my properity


Someone needs to sue her for skin cancer. =P

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Suddenly she became the owner of the single biggest EM wave emitter in our solar system. The FCC and Europian counterparts will be after her rear for unauthorized broadcast in all frequency bands from very long wavelenghs to x-ray, over the last few billion years or so.

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