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Has anyone found an Ethernet chip that's... Ethernet? The traditional one is the W5100 chip which is Ethernet/IP/TCP/UDP. In other words: Ethernet frames are locked down. Not only that, other IP protocols are locked down.

I'm looking for: something to allow direct frame access.

I'd like to use something small like Arduino to teach low-level networking protocols-- I'd prefer not to have to use FPGAs.


The only other option is the ENC28J60 and the Ethercard library, https://github.com/jcw/ethercard


For people are looking for alternate for Arduino WiFi shield;-

We have few threads about it:

Replacement of Arduino WiFi shield - WIFI router(openwrt compatible), Pogoplug,  Raspberry Pi .


WIFI router Tp-Link  WR703N for Arduino


WIFI router Tp-Link  TL-WDR3600 for Arduino


Pogoplug for Arduino wifi and even housing and power supply


The bottom line is to start testing wifi with Arduino , all you need is used/junk PC plus few dollar wifi usb stick.

Neither hardware locked down nor software locked down for wifi as well as Ethernet.

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