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Dear everyone,
At this moment in time im working on a project with the arduino.
And i want to run a java application on the arduino so it can talk to other devices running my java application?
is it possible to run a java applicaiton on the arduino itself?
Or do i have to say "connect it to a computer which runs a java application?

Would be great to get some information so my project can move forward

Kind Regards



The 'normal' Arduino boards run compiled code and can turn a led on and off and so. But communication with .NET is possible for some board and the new Arduino Due has more possibilities.

However, the Arduino can communicate with almost everything.
See the Playground section, http://playground.arduino.cc//Main/InterfacingWithHardware#Communication
How would you want to communicate between the Java applications ?


we are communicating with TCP messaging through java.

So im guessing we would have to have the java application on the computer itself.


Lewis Joyce


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u might try out processing (java base app)


if u like processing visual interface, then import your TCP messaging class into processing.  you are all set.

if u dislike processing visual interface or prefer headless (no visual interface at all), then import your processing class into yours.

Java's  "Write once, run anywhere" has pre-requirement condition;-  Java run time lib/JVM.

atmel/arduino chip (highend) does meet JVM (subset) requirement. i.e. avr javacard.

processing forum

java for 8/16 bits cpu/mpu



If your other programs are running java you can have them communicate with the arduino through the serial com ports.

Alternatively you could probably have the arduino send TCP/IP packets over ethernet or possibly wifi.

This also looks interesting, TCP/IP over serial.

Hopefully that will steer you in the right direction.


One thing at Arduino site;-

use firmata communicate with processing+TCP messaging class.

Now you need wrote 0 line of code at Arduino.

0 line of code=100% bug free code.


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