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At the end of the data sheet for the 168 it says:-

Atmel's lawyers "earning" their keep.

Ran Talbott

Since this is about a simulated dashboard,  you're only allowed to express simulated grumpiness.  So,  nyah   :P


As opposed to the SparkFun fiasco, where real grumpiness is allowed.


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Thanks for replay !

I play racing simulator game LFS (Live for Speed) long time and want make simcocpit with real instruments.These instruments on links above have air core motor ( http://www.mikesflightdeck.com/diy_aircore_instruments.htm ) and I want to buy some controller with which to manage real dashboard instruments like on links in second post.

I'll just connect the controller with the instruments and my friend will solve the software but I do not know which controller to buy, and that it can do.
Some pictures

I have this instruments

and this is the diagram



One of the problems you'll need to address is the fact that the Arduino is a 5V device, and those are 12V gauges. The schematic seems to imply that the speedometer and tachometer are stepper motors. Interesting. You might be able to get a pair of stepper motor controllers, to control the meters.

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