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Hi all

I am a beginner of the arduino :~. But i have a project of the arduino.

i bought the arduino uno and rs 485 shield. I no idea how to do it .

I search in google. They said dowload the modbus library form website and upload to the uno control.

That it. Would you would give some introdruction website to give me step by step. Thank you anyone.


Take a look at http://t.co/r26H2axo. It's a simple project in which an Arduino becomes a modbus slave and reply to modbus requests.
In the post, you'll also find the Arduino modbus library to be used.

If you also need a step by step tutorial on how to install a new arduino library, this pointer might be for you http://goo.gl/8nLh9



Thank you so much
But i have many program do not understand.

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