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Recently finished my latest project.  IPCamBot uses a Digispark (ATTiny85 based) paired to a Digispark motor shield to drive 2 modified micro servos mated to a LEGO track drive base.  I also used a DX JY-MCU Bluetooth module (others should work too) to link to BTBotControl (an Android app that I custom built).  The app allows me to connect to IPCamBot using Bluetoth and control it using the joystick.  I also added 4 command buttons for custom actions.  For video, I am using an Ai-Ball tiny IPCam that streams over my local network.  BTBotControl shows the stream in a viewing window (pic below)

I've got 2x 18650 batteries wired up for this sucker - cause the camera and LED suck a lot of juice from it.   The Ai-Ball pulls 300mA itself alone.    More details, picture and sample Arduino code for connecting to Bluetooth and parsing string data can be found on my blog - Plastibots.



Well done!  Very small despite the constraints of using LEGO pieces.  I'd like to build one and I tried to go to bricklink.com to find the LEGO parts that I need but quickly got overwhelmed.  Any tips on finding and buying specific LEGO pieces? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the comments.  Oddly, the thought did not cross my mind that someone would want to try to re-build the robot.  The parts necessary are pretty straight forward.  The tough part is that I did a lot of mods to mount the servos to the rear drive wheels (including drilling out the wheel centre's and gluing).   If there is enough interest, I'll see if I can whip up a set of building instructions.   For now, the pics on my blog should give a good idea as to what is necessary.    It all starts with a 6x12 yellow baseplate.

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