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i have the following payload
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struct payload_t
  int from_node;
  char message[20];

i'm trying to do a function so i can just change the message that i want to send, but i'm having some problems with char* vs char :|

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void loop(void)

   if (!sent) {
  char message_to_send[20];
  boolean status = sendMessage(light_node, this_node, message_to_send);
  if (status) {
    Serial.print(" [ok]");
    sent = true;
  } else
    Serial.print(" [failed}");


bool sendMessage(uint16_t to_node, uint16_t from_node, char *message){
  Serial.print("Sending to #");
  payload_t payload = { from_node, message};

  RF24NetworkHeader header(/*to node*/ to_node);
  bool ok = network.write(header,&payload,sizeof(payload));
  return ok;

the problem is baseNode:89: error: invalid conversion from 'char*' to 'char'..
how can i do this ?
I just want to send a different message that i create and then give to sendMessage 3rd argument


You can't initialise the structure like that - you need to copy the content of the string into the payload, for example:

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strncpy(payload.message, message, sizeof(payload.message));

Note that in your example the variable message_to_send is uninitialised at the point you pass it to sendMessage().

If you want further help I suggest you post a complete sketch that demonstrates the problem - not just an extract.


Which line in your code,   is line 89 ?


thank you PeterH, i dont know how i forgot that :| shame on me.
it's solved now.

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