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I'm currently working on a project involving gyroscope sensors and their implementation with an autopilot program (specifically the same kind in toy helicopters). I am attempting to write an auto pilot program for a remote control helicopter to accomplish simple tasks like hoovering,forward,backwards,left and right movements. I would eventually like to implement this into a payload delivery system for my senior project.

The problem I'm running in to is finding a good source that explains the internal parts/operations/programming/implementation of these gadgets. Has anyone attempted similar projects or had experience with this. Any credited links or sources would be a great help.


Which gadgets did you have in mind ?

There are 4 or 5 common gyro sensors,  and new improved ones keep getting released at a regular rate.

There is a lot written about them,    and several people and groups have implemented inertial measurement units
and flight controllers using them.

If you want to understand the math,  google flight dynamics.  Plenty of books have been published since the 1950's,
it's real rocket science.

If you want to understand the device interfaces,  read the datasheets for some specific devices.

Or you can re-invent your own, if you really want to.


Google for: imu helicopter arduino
You also find great youtube movies.

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