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I would like to create the sound of a flickering neon using the buzzer Piezo.
Does anyone know if that is even possible ?
If yes, any idea on how to do so?

Any help appreciated,
Thank you



Frequency of 60hz, and use a random number generator to determine lengths of the tone and silence between tones.
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


Tell us more.
Do you want to turn on a led display, let it blink a few times and make a neon-switching-on sound ?
Do you have an example of the sound ?
The best sounds for the Arduino are with a Sound/Wave/MP3-shield and the sounds could be on a SD card. With only the Arduino it might not be possible.
Read this, http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/ArduinoSynth
And have a look at the Mozzi library.


Works great Focalist! Thank you


Erdin, thanks for the reply.
Yes, I would like the Led to blink when the neon sound is on.
The sound would be something like this

I will look into the Mozzi library for sure. I didn't know you could use real sounds with Arduino, I am not very advanced at using it but I will look into it.

I was able to create a random sound based on Focalist advice, but if I can use a more complex sound that would be better.

Thanks again!


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You might take a look at toneAC(), http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/ToneAC
It has some kind of volume control, allowing to make more sounds.
It can do a little more than the standard tone(), but it is not as sophisticated as Mozzi.

I can't download the neon sound, so I can't analyze the frequency !

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