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It's not brain surgery.

It isn't? Dunno what I've been working on then...

Oh yeah:
"Brain brain brain... Pinky and The Brain..."


I find it like riding a bicycle.  All it takes is some practice, and if you've been out of practice for a while, it's a skill that comes back pretty quickly.  (and it's not that difficult in the first place, once you get the hang of it.)  (and I've probably had gaps in my soldering whose length has exceeded many readers total soldering experience.  Being mostly a SW sort of guy...)


Well general purpose through-hole soldering is fairly easy to pick up. Now SMD soldering is something that is a wee bit more challenging. Luckily a large part of my job requires soldering components on motherboards so I get paid to work on my skills ;)


I usually stop when the rosin smoke starts making my eyes burn.
6 to 10 hours / day is reasonable.

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