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There is a reason it is called a 'pipe' and not and 'addres'. Two units communicating with each other only need 1 pipe, not 2 as you are saying. So the topic starter is doing it OK with using 2 different pipe addresses to keep the 2 pairs from seeing each other.
Using different channels is advisable if there is a lot of traffic between the pairs. Then they won't disrupt each other communication.


hi Croft and dvdput,

thanks a lot for your clear explanation. I'll try all your inputs to exercise my knowledge. For my current project, one way communication is good enough.

cheer  :)



It may be called a pipe but it is only a one way pipe for transferring information. The only data passing the other way down the pipe are the automatic acks in Enhanced Shockburst mode. So I agree if sonh just needs one way communication his approach is fine.
I would always put each pair on a different frequency as it is 1 line of code to implement and will ensure no interference between the systems.

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