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I am trying to make a custom board including that I can program without the use of the ATmel-ICE. So far I have split the Arduino Due into two portions: the "programming board" which has the atmega16U2 along with a header connecting the SPI of the ATMega16U2 such that I can program the bootloader via the Arduino ISP method; and, the "control board" which has the ATSam8x3.

1. Will this method of programming an independent ATMega16U2 to program the ATSAM work in a way that the Arduino IDE can be used?

2. Can I get rid of the native USB?


Why not use the Native USB with the Arduino IDE? I'm working on a custom board too and I'm keeping the Native USB and ditching all the other crap.


1. Probably
2. Definitely
3. Native USB will rely on your design skills getting USB to work on your own board. If you're not certain of those skills, then the serial communications from the 16U2 might be easier. Also, perhaps the OP wants a specific programming board so that it won't be accidentally reprogrammed by anyone with a USB cable.
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Accidentally reprogram? There's a bunch of pretty deliberate steps to go through to accomplish that, you need a bit more than a USB cable. USB on the SAM is a lot simpler than going via a 16u2. The Due should never have had the programming port in the first place given that the Native port already achieves the programming goal and is much faster. But that's the joy of open source hardware, do what you want :)
You could even use a non standard connector for USB to stop anyone with a (standard) USB cable from "accidentally" reprogramming it.


Users are amazingly inventive. If you let this thing out of your sight then all sorts of clever solutions to non-standard connectors will appear.

"We were just trying to get it to do X when it stopped functioning. We didn't do anything!" is usually the preface to discovering that they did try to reprogram it and bricked it in the process.
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True, it does depend what the target audience for the board is, if the board is hidden away deep inside a box with lots of other stuff then it's less likely anyone will play with it. My board is going under a train :) (when I eventually get around to finishing the design, lol)

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