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We didn't choose to when/where/how to be born. We were just born. The end is possibly the same way as the arduino way of course. I happened to have observed another library that provides a begin() method and doesn't provide an end() method. Isn't that the Arduino way to end? Getting unplugged/restarted like all of a sudden, no way of planning for it? I think that the serial objects used to have no end(), now it does but the music function on a DUE has no end.


Papa G

Hmmm, undecided, possibly on the horns of dilemma.


I'll ask someone to post a you-tube link of my Arduino controlled robot in the Exhibition/Gallery- section. :D


Imho this is not a question to ask on this forum, even on bar sport.

Rob Tillaart

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This question is perfectly fine "in my opinion"

But i do like the sounds of an instant explosion such as re-entry from space or, yeah saving a bus load of 18 year old playboy models/hopefuls who can't accept payment of any kind but <cough cough> ...

How about dying from being a test pilot of say a transporter? or the first person to try "Warp Drive" only you turn to instant dust?



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