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I am in the middle of a project that uses a moisture sensor to turn on a water pump if the soil is too dry.
Can the pump be connected straight into the board? I am using an MKR1000.
I am quite new at this and literally barely have a clue what im doing. Any help or examples of this would be appreciated.



Generally you wouldn't connect a motor directly to the board.  You should either use a transistor to switch it or a relay or perhaps you need a motor driver depending on what type of motor it is.  You kind of left that critical piece of information out. 
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This is the pump I bought. As its wuite small would a transistor be used?


This is the pump I bought. As its wuite small would a transistor be used?
It's about the type of motor, not the size.

That looks like it is probably a regular old brushed DC motor.  In that case you would use a transistor or a relay.  There are tons of examples online of how to switch a DC motor from an Arduino. 
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Thanks very much, I appreciate it


This is the code I have atm, unfortunately I am unable to build my circuit as a few parts have not yet arrived. Can anyone tell me if they spot any mistakes?
It is so a pump(pump_pin) will be turned on when the moisture levels (sensor_pin)are too low.

int sensor_pin = 0;
int pump_pin = 1;
int led_pin = 2;
int sensor_value = 250;
int moisture;

const long oneSecond = 1000;
const long oneMinute = oneSecond * 60;
const long oneHour   = oneMinute * 60;
const long sixHour = oneHour * 6;
const long twelveHour   = oneHour * 12;

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:
Serial.begin(9600); //setting the data rate between MKR1000 board and PC for communication
while(!Serial); //wait until serial port is ready

pinMode(sensor_pin, INPUT);
pinMode(pump_pin, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(sensor_pin, LOW); //Default setup

void loop() {

moisture = digitalRead(sensor_pin);   
  Serial.print("The moisture levels are: ");
  Serial.print(moisture); //prints the values coming from the sensor on the screen
  Serial.print("%   \n");

if(moisture < sensor_value){
  //if(sensor_value < 50){
  digitalWrite(pump_pin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(led_pin, HIGH);
  else if (moisture > sensor_value){
  digitalWrite(pump_pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(led_pin, LOW);



Code: [Select]
moisture = digitalRead(sensor_pin);

digitalRead gets digital data.  HIGH or LOW which are defined as 1 or 0 respectively. 

Code: [Select]
if(moisture < sensor_value)

Both HIGH and LOW will be less than sensor_value all the time. 

1.  Please read the "How to use this forum - please read" thread and learnt he forum rules for posting code.

2.  Have a look at the internet and see if you can find some examples where others are using that sensor.  How do they read the sensor? 
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