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Ι was wondering how i could possibly write a code intergrating a kalman filter in order to make a guided rc parapente. 2  servos will be controlling the brakes of the parafoil in order to turn right or left.I want to use the code to guide the paraglider to a predifined location.Is it possible I have looked up kalman filters and watched some tutorials and also found some source code but any help would be greatly appreciated
Further info the paraglider will be dropped from a certain height about 1 km and i would like it to land even relatively close to a predifined gps location.
Thanks in advance hope you can help me out  :)


The best open source Kalman filter code for Arduino is RTIMUlib, but any such filter will only determine the physical orientation and direction of travel of the glider (an Attitude and Heading Reference System, AHRS).

In order to navigate from one point to another, GPS is your only option for determining location and velocity.

Avoid https://github.com/TKJElectronics/KalmanFilter as it is NOT a Kalman filter, and doesn't work well.

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