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I am using a LM335 temperature sensor to log readings over a four hour flight path. I am using the EEPROM and LiquidCrystal libraries. At the moment my read sequence which launches after launch and retrieval outputs data to the LCD, I would like to use a debugg panel of somesort to copy and paste these readings into an excell spreadsheet rather than type them all in indavidualy, any suggestions?


Printing on the serial monitor and copy paste into excel?


Anything you print to LCD can also be printed to serial.


it is just a matter of formatting to make it up for Excel.

RealTerm will make a .CSV file.
PLX-DAQ is a macro for Excel that will give an on-screen spreadsheet and a real-time graph.

Similarly, you can send the same data and formatting to an on-board SD card for subsequent retrieval.

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