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I have one generic arduino mega from ebay.

J.C. Woltz

Have a Duemilanove and an Uno.

I use clones that add value.
Boarduino, Seeeduino Mega, Seeeduino Stalker, Sparkfun Pro 3.3, Sparkfun Pro Mini 3.3, ArduPilot Mega, Teensy, Plus many standalone in various projects.

There isn't a point of buying a straight Arduino Clone that doesn't add value somehow.

The boarduino might as well be a permanent installation into my breadboard.

I like the smaller form factor on the Seeeduino Mega, and the mini usb-b, and a switch for the manual/auto reset. The Stalker adds a RTC, micro SD, Xbee, and a 3.3v/5v I2C hub. The Pro Mini was nice for a one off project with very limited space. (In retrospect, I would probably use a teensy next time).

Anyhow, Thank you Arduino team and keep up the good work.


I have the real one because i just like to think of it as THE arduino but i got really tempted to order this today ... especially for that price .. geeeezzz


AT MEGA based board for 35!!! thats amazin!!!


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1 Seeeduino V328, 1 Seeeduino Mega, 1 Freeduino.
I just constructed a PCB test fixture for my employer built around a genuine Arduino Mega, but they paid for it so I guess that doesn't count.
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2x Arduino Duemilanove
2x Seeeduino Mega

and my next might be a Seeeduino again, because I like the auto/manual reset, plus the reset switch is located at the side of it, so it is possible to reach it with shields stacked on top.
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I no longer buy clones that mark themselves up like an official "Arduino" but do buy ones that have their own name and say compatible (i.e. dfRobot versions).  

I get my "official" boards from dealers such as makershed or sparkfun as I am not sure how to tell outside that who is an impostor (pre Uno).

Most - dfRobot versions due to price difference.


I have a BBB, a RBBB, and an RBBB sans power(and sans ftdi power pin) section that i run off breadboard power.
If i had money to buy shields i'd buy an official board.


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