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Hello, I've recently completed an arduino based LED project based upon a set of 5m LED strips with inline HL1606 chips.  This basically gives me serial control of a strip of LEDs.  

Now, my first version basically had my Arduino driving 4 independent strips, and I used the smaller molex (.062) connectors and I had a bad experience with them -- I don't think they are at all the right connector for the job.

Each strip basically has a ~30ft cable with 2 16 gauge power lines (running ~5V, 2A) and then I use a regular CAT3 cable for the 4 data lines (pulse, data, clock, latch).

So for each strip I'll need 4 connectors (arduino housing, cable end, cable end, strip end).   A friend of mine suggested 7 pin XLR cables (like the kind used for tube microphones) and I thought that was a good suggestion.  This project is mainly used for lighting bands at concerts, so I'd like something that is fairly durable.  

Any suggestions?   I get quite overwhelmed when paging through the connector options at digikey, jameco, etc, etc.



I need to deliver 6 pins to each strip, so in that case I'd need 2 XLR connectors at each strip end.

power, ground, data, pulse, latch, clock




ah.. those are great options.  Thanks digimike!

Ran Talbott

If all you want is a "good" (rather than "great") connector,  you can get somewhat-lower quality DINs much cheaper at BG Micro.  Other surplus dealers should have some,  too,  but BG happens to have pretty much all flavors of 5- and 6-pin.

But,  if you're going to be doing a lot of concerts,  you'll probably be happier using something like these.  They're more durable than DIN connectors.

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