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Hi All,

I'm working in a project to connect microcontrollers to internet in an easy way. I leave a short description about how the system works. If someone (with an Arduino Ethernet board) is interested in testing it, go to the following link that shows how to control a simple LED form a web browser:



NearBus is a Cloud Connector that allows you to fully integrate in the cloud different MCU platforms (like Arduino, OpenPicus, etc.) in a very easy and transparent way.
Installing a light agent (the NearAgent) in your MCU hardware the NearBus system will allow you to see the MCU as a real extension of the cloud, controlling it via the NearAPI (a very simple set of Web Services API functions).

The NearBus Concept

The NearBus system proposes a different paradigm to support a large deployment of simple controlled devices. Instead of the traditional concept of "connect" a remote device to the cloud (to control it), the NearBus system "maps" the device into the cloud, doing a mirroring (or replication) of small part of the microcontroller's memory into the cloud memory. Under this paradigm, reading or writing on the Cloud's memory will have the same effect as if you were reading or writing directly into the microcontroller memory, simplifying the way in which the device is controlled.

This mirroring process between the microcontroller memory and the Cloud memory is called the MemoryMap process, so under the NearBus paradigm we say that the remote device more than "connected" to the Cloud will be "Mapped" into the Cloud.

The Main Components

The NearBus system has two main components, the remote device controller or NearAgent and the Cloud Hub manager or NearHub. These components communicate in a periodic way through the NearBus protocol. The main feature of NearBus system is to allow you to control the remote agent form the cloud via a simple set of web API functions known as the NearAPI. Additionally the Agent implements a NearBIOS code, a set of basic MCU functions (ADC, Digital I/O, etc.) that allows you to control the agent from the web in the same way as a traditional Microcontroller Unit.


Although the NearBus system has an extensive set of features, this video only shows two basic features of the NearBus system. For more detailed information about the NearBus System please refer to Overview section.

For more information visit www.nearbus.net

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