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Answers to questions above, not necessarily in order ....

- Not a Peltier device, just a resistance heating element, 7.2 ohms, made from fiberglass and silicone rubber.  The board on the left is an old linear power supply , modified to provide 6.7 volts DC, up to 3 amps.

- a few data points on power consumption;
   - during bench testing back in January, Arduino + heater drew 1.9 amps at 6.6 volts DC
   - Arduino + heater  + power supply measured yesterday with a P3 Kill-a-watt, 4 watts idle, 12 watts full load .  Version 2 will probably include a data logger.   

Oh, and so far no cats (or anything else) have been electrocuted !
Chewing on the line cord is about the only option for that, the cheap plastic enclosure has held up pretty well overall.

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