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With such cheap clones on eBay, how popular are the official boards?
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I had a RBBB, but it started to get worn out and I goofed it up so I made my own

If I was going for a shield compatible model, I would go for one of the name brand ones instead of brand X ebay china model depending on the features I wanted / needed


At the moment I have a number of genuine boards.  But that s more by virtue of the fact that I was after the newer board (Uno and Mega), and at the time I was buying equivalent clones were not available.


I've got one arduino, two DFRduinos and a build-your-own on a breadboard thing.


I have one arduino to use for proto-typing and then a bunch of breadboard or build your own for permanent installations.  THe official arduionos are a lot easier to work with but I cannot see leaving it dedicated to a single project for very long.

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