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That's the one.  It is the In Circuit System Programmer (ICSP) header.  It is the master communications to the micro-controller.  If you had a AVR programmer you can connect to that header and put the bootloader or a sketch (it will overwrite the bootloader) onto the micro-controller.  Your USB to FDTI to the micro-controller is through the micro-controller's UART or serial communications (like that old modem thingy).

Did you find that Auto-Reset header next to the Atmega664 pins 8-10?  I do not see a user led on the board, just the power led and it is just connected to the 5V power. 

Anyhow, if you can not get it to upload with manual reset or with the enabled Auto-Reset, you more than likely have a corrupted bootloader and suggest an contacting the guys you bought it from.


I found myself writing a small essay to describe my board so I'v attached a picture instead. I don't have the equipment to connect to the ICSP and I'm not sure I want to go to all the trouble when I paid for it to have a functional bootloader already on there. One last question before I complain to the supplier. Is there anyway that me soldering on the driver chips poorly could have corrupted the bootloader?


Of course there is risk of a electrostatic discharge (ESD) while soldering, especially when the weather is below freezing, and you will have no humidity.   Unless one takes precautions like a grounding strap and usage of anti-ESD tools, your electronic devices are susceptible to greater than 10kV events.

If you take a picture of the flip side of that board, I can see if I can visually see anything standing out in you solder job. 

Does the power LED seem dim to you?  I know it is one of those clear reds, so it has a smaller viewing angle (top view) and did not show up in the picture.  If so, you may have a short on your power circuit.  If you have a DVM, you could check the voltage across the LED solder joints (should be 4.5-5 VDC on USB).


I only soldered the 4 driver chips on the top. The rest was done when i got it but here's a picture anyway. Im pretty sure the LED is fine, its very bright (was not on when i took the photo!).


The soldering looks good to me.  No bridges or cold solder joints to be seen.  Probably just the bootloader is corrupted.

I would suggest to give your Sanguinololu vendor a call or email.  Also, I would also consider picking up a programmer or an Arduino, could be a handy diagnostics tool in the future.

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