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I am looking for an IC that I can connect to high current steppers ie 1.5v 2.9A and higher. That I can then drive from the arduino.
I want to use only 2 pins from the uno to drive the stepper, for example pin1 send pwm pin2 if high it forward and low if reverse.
At the moment I can do it by using 4 pwm pins and I wnat to drive more motors etc without having to add other unos etc.
By using something like the above I would use save lots on the pwm ports.

I know this exists for low current like the EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver. But can't find for more higher loads.

Anyone know where I can find them.



Vishay http://www.vishay.com/power-ics/
might have what you want in single package form. I have seen some but 5A seems high, im sure it will get expensive, which makes us ask why not just add in some mosfets after using a package that gives you the diver options.

is this a unipolar or bipolar stepper?
anyhow, after using a STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLER IC,
you can expect usually do things like set 1 pin to fwd/ rev.
1pin to en/disable, and then the rest is optional. Good ones (IMHO) will have micro-stepping, and homing logic.
I like to use opto-couplers to isolate high current devices from sensitive low power devices.

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