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Hello dear arduino community,

I recently ordered a 10DoF IMU, so when I received the IMU I sent him an email and asked for a datasheet for this particular chip. And it turned out that he had none, neither did he have the name of the chip.

However, I made some research on the net and it turned out it was a GY-80. Exactly the same look and same sensors.
The sensors included are
L3G4200D + the ADXL345 + HMC5883L + BMP085

I am in need of some help right now. Since I do not have a datasheet I do not know how to configure it.
When I want to configure it with I2C, should I assume that I do it for each of the sensors, I know that there are codes for each of the sensors in I2CDEV lib. or must I first configure the IMU board (gy-80) and then each sensor separately?

And atlast one more question, since it says: "Build-in Regulator and Logic converter to support  all (3.3V/5.0V) all types of microcontrollers", I do not need any pullups or such, to compensate for the voltage output from the Arduino?

Some links:
GY-80 (another link): http://www.logictoyz.com/development-board/gy-80-imu-10dof-9-axis-bmp085-3-axis-magnetic-field-acceleration-gyroscope-atmospheric-pressure-module-4-axis-flight-control-l3g4200d-adxl345-hmc5883-bmp085-multiwii-mwc-arduino.html

Schematic: http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/1790/gy80schematics.jpg



Think of it as 4 different sensors, as 4 different slave devices on the I2C bus.
They happen to be on the same board, but that's just a coincidence.

So you need 4 different interface software for the 4 sensors.
The I2Cdev lib happens to have libraries for all 4 of them, and the libraries will work together.

So there is no configuration of the GY-80. You have to initialize the 4 sensors. The libraries will do that for you.

The board has a voltage regulator and level converters and pull-up resistors on all sides. You can connect it to a 5V Arduino without anything else.


I'm a newbie and I got the same too.
Do you have any information to use that (wired, and code) ?
I use the ic2 scan and it response nothing :(


If you have a Arduino Uno:

Arduino 5V to sensor VCC_IN
A4 to SDA
A5 to SCL

run the i2c scanner. If nothing is detected, something else is wrong, like a bad breadboard.

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