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Hi all,
I think I messed um my Arduino.
Actually I don't know how. I used it as an signaloutput for a boost converter for Nixie tubes.
It gave this signal to the base of a transistor. But I had only a 16R resistor infront of the transistor.
The boost converter worked fine.
Could this be the reason for the damage at my Arduino?

The LED at the pin #13 is shining really dark if pin 13 is high.

I have uploaded some code to test the pins with an oscilloscope:

void setup (){}
void loop() {

Scope settings: Both channels .2V/div .1ms/div
I am using a 1:10 divider.

The voltage of pin 13 is lower tham the voltage of pin 12.
Both signals are messed up.

I have tested three different microcontrollers. Always the same problem, so I think the microcontroller is OK.

What could be broken?

I hope somebody can help.

Greets MrMcChicken


Code: [Select]

void setup() {
   pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
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Well this is awkward.  :smiley-sweat:

Thanks a lot now I get a normal Signal! :).

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