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Sorry don't know which section to put this in or if it is really apprropriate...

I have played around with a bus pirate logic analyser and found it very useful to help debug i2c transactions

However it has a lot of limitations (esp small buffer size and inability to trigger on specific data bytes using OLS)

I' in the market for a better analyser but there are so many options

Can anyone recommend the best analysers say in the £200 ($300) and the £500 ($750) price brackets - or less if there is something really good worth a look

I ideally want something fast with a lot of memory - something that would enable me to capture i2c and SPI traffic (up to 400MHz bus) over long periods of time - somtimes this is because of intermittent communication with 5 mins gap between traffic.... or more) would be ideal

I've tried asking this on boards specific to one product or another but they don't seem to want to talk about other alternative devices so I thought I would ask somewhere more generic - like here

There seem to be a lot of anaysers on the market (sparkfun USB, saleae, logic sniffer) but just looking at sales sites does not give a lot of info what is good and what is not



Well, I would rule out the LogicPort. This is the only one that I currently own and it has horrible sample depth and I am not a fan of the triggering. But it was the best out there back when I bought it.

You might be asking for a bit much in that price range. There are several that meet one or two requirements you listed, but I don't know of one within that price range that meets all of them.

These are more than twice your listed price range, but you might want to take a look at http://www.linkinstruments.com


up to 400MHz bus) over long periods of time

up to 400MHz, yes, over long periods of time, yes, both, no. At least AFAIK in any reasonable price range.

Are you serious about the 400MHz? That's not I2C or SPI.
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Sorry I put an extra 0 on the MHz!!  :smiley-eek:

Something fast with good sample depth, a protocol analyzer and the ability to trigger on certain data sequence, or to capture events on serial bu, then 'go to sleep' until the next event then capture that.... would be ideal


So up to 40MHz? Well, the LogicPort would support what you are suggesting for the most part. You can have it trigger continuously and also set it to export on acquisition. I still wouldn't recommend it as it has such a shallow sample depth. Even the Open Worksbench Logic Sniffer has more sample depth and is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

The features that you want are more dependent on software, though. That is also a place where the LogicPort does not shine well. And it is completely closed without even an option to purchase an SDK. Another reason I have been seriously considering getting the Logic Sniffer since it uses the open-source SUMP software. I don't have it yet so I cannot give any sort of review, unfortunately.  But at $100 for the mainboard, 16 bit expansion wing, and all the probes, you really can't go wrong to try it and see. The only reason I haven't so far is because I am saving my pennies for a 3D printer right now.

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