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Anyone have experience with these

Try Nick Gammon


He's a moderator here and I'm sure he has the 16-ch Saleae

I have the 8-ch version and I can vouch for their support, it's really good.
Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


is the clock supposed to be varying widths when the Arduino acts as a SPI Master?

I would not expect so because it's hardware driven and should be stable, there may be a gap between bytes though.

OTOH there's no reason not to vary the clock with SPI.

What are the sample and target clock speeds? If you aren't sampling fast enough relative to the sampled data you will get an effect that looks like the clock varies. This is were the external clock that Retroplayer mentioned can be handy.


I'm sampling tried a few sampling rates  

At 4Mz (the max available)and setting SPI_CLOCK_DIV16, the clock looks all over the place, and yes I am reading garbage data that changes every time I reset the Arduino and re-capture the same even- I suspect my Bus Pirate ain't fast enough for this sort of job  :smiley-roll:


OK had a another play around

At SPI_CLOCK_DIV128 and 4Mhz samplin on the Bus Pirate I can get consistent results  :)

But I still want a better analyser  ]:D


Not had a reply from Nick yet but I seem to have convinced myself already

logic 16
Version 1.1.9

   Increased Logic16 USB bandwidth performance by 50%! Old limits were 2 ch @ 100MHz, 4 ch @ 50MHz, 8 ch at 25MHz, and 16 ch at 12.5Mhz. New limits are 3 ch @ 100MHz, 6 ch @ 50MHz, 9 ch @ 32MHz, and 16 ch @ 16MHz.

this seems unbeatable value for money IMHO looks like I wll have a nw toy next week  ]:D


Ooops sorry my apologies I did have a reply from Nick

His opinions settles it for me - deffo have a new toy coming......

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