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If you intend using  DC motor brushed or brushless then you need to look at low voltage ones (12 or 24 volts say).  So you need a power supply to provide the required DC for powering your arduino and the motor driver.


Ok, but jumping back to my original question: which is the best motor for my needs?

Best in terms of enough power and on stability of the speed.



In my view, a small stepper motor since you can ACCURATELY determine rotational speed from the step rate.  To minimise any notching effect, since the motor moves in steps, the motor needs to drive a toothed belt wrapped around the turntable, or drive the table periphery via a rubber wheel.  Both of these effectively provide a step-down gearing.  The record-table also acts as a flywheel to smooth out any speed  pulses.


As standard mechanical connections between the motor and the "plate" there is a rubber wheel.

I did not imagine that a stepper motor could be the solution...

I'll give a look to this idea but I see some side-effects of this solutions..

Cheers, RA


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