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Im looking for some help about this LCD http://www.soselectronic.com/a_info/img_data/d/displ/lcd7seg.jpg
Im not sure if i can connect it to Arduino UNO Rv3 can you please give me an advice?

p.s. i have never worked with LCD before and im not sure if this is the lcd that I need or its just a panel (i found that one at home) :)

Thank you.


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You probably can work with this but it will be more difficult than with the more standard 16 pin type LCD displays that are supported by the arduino libraries. The first step would be to find the datasheet by searching for the part number on google. That will tell you what all the pins do and you can then try and write software for the device of find someone else that has already done so.

If this is your first ever such project it will be a steep learning curve. If all you want is just to display some stuff on and lcd then I would recommend that you get a more standard type of display.
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I found a link to the data sheet pdf http://www.soselectronic.com/a_info/resource/d/dem/DE119-RS-20_75.pdf

I think that you can figure out how to use this LCD but you'll have to write to it like it was an LED seven segment display.  You won't be able to use the standard LCD libraries. 
The data sheet shows where to connect for each of the four digits and the colon/decimal point.  The Arduino will not have enough output pins to directly connect to all of the LCD inputs.  If you really want to use this device, look into schemes that use 7447 7 segment drivers or multiplexing.

I paid about $2.63 each for my last batch of 44780 compatible LCDs. Saving $3 isn't worth the grief this thing will cause you. If you're not experienced with displays, I'd recommend you start with the ones that are more commonly used.


Thanks for the replays.. I think Ill just go and buy a standard LCD. Its not about the money I just found that one at home (my dad is also working with electronics :)). Thank you again and have a nice day :)


Maybe save that chip/display one for when you are more experienced. It seems like it could be an interesting project to spend an afternoon doing.

Good luck and have fun.
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